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The Shackleton on June 3, 1999


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Before the Shackleton: Drawings-Photographs

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Building the Shackelton


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it Is unbuildable & I can't know where I'm going, it is

like a voyage or expedition, but it takes place indoors with very

minimal means. And yet it too questions what we think we know. To make

this, [place], is to go to an unknown place.




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From an e-mail from www to glacialarc:

After reading Paul Ricoeur's aesthetics in Critique and Conviction (all quotes = Ricoeur)

Maybe the work is like Benveniste's "sentence [that] pours language back into the universe"

We seek to "discover dimensions of experience that did not exist prior to the work."

Does the S. seek a world? Where is the S. headed? "What is a world? It is something one can live in; something that can be hospitable, strange, hostile…pure modalities of inhabiting."

Can the S. move horizons? We can only use the term world if the work performs for the spectator a "refiguration that overturns expectations and changes horizons."

The S. is hidden within that building. The work must "retreat from and transfer back into the world."

This is the key for me:  "If art did not have, despite its retreat, the capacity to come bursting into our midst, into our world, it would be completely innocuous; it would be struck with insignificance and reduced to sheer entertainment…"

"The greater the retreat, the more intense the return….as if our experience were visited from infinitely further away than itself."

So I ask: How far has the Shackleton retreated, and when will it be ready for a return?


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