Warmus and Driscoll, Fiji, Reef shark

90 feet deep off Namena island Fiji: Gray Reef Sharks                             

The other shark is off frame above left. An advantage to the buddy system of diving is that you can keep eye contact with two sharks.

The Nai'a Journals

William Warmus

Fiji, South Pacific and beyond


Nai'a in Suva harbor, Fiji 2002

The Nai'a anchored in Suva harbor, Fiji. January, 2002.


Overview: Warmus Undersea

1997: Fiji and Cayuga Lake

1998: Fiji, Myrtle Beach and Austin

1999: Hawaii

2000: Hawaii

2001: Nai'a, Manzanita and Austin

2002: Nai'a and Florida Keys

2003: Palm Beach and Cornell

2004: Bonaire

2005: Tonga



Blaschka marine invertebrate, Cornell University collection. c.1885


Glass Octopus model made circa 1885 by the Blaschkas, in the collection of Cornell University.

The Blaschka Octopus

 Ocean Realm cover photograph by William Warmus     





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December 31, 2001 at 4PM

View from aboard the Nai'a, off the coast of Viti Levu, Fiji Islands, South Pacific

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